Japan’s first. Again.

Japan’s first condominium, the Miyamasuzaka Building, will be home to
Japan’s first residence that is directly connected to Shibuya Station’s Sky Deck.1

We are proud to introduce the new property,
Miyamasuzaka Building The Shibuya Residence.

Shibuya 2-Chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Miyamasuzaka Building The Shibuya Residence

A Landmark Property

As a neighborhood transforms, so does Japan’s first condominium building

Among the many condominiums directly connected to train stations in Japan, those linked to Shibuya stand out, thanks to the international recognition of the station’s name.
And amid these Shibuya-linked condominiums, Miyamasuzaka Building The Shibuya Residence is truly unique as it is directly connected to Shibuya Station’s Sky Deck. It is also one minute from Shibuya Station and near new landmarks close to the station, such as Shibuya Stream, Shibuya Scramble Square, and Shibuya Fukurasu.
Shibuya is undergoing a transformation, thanks to large-scale redevelopment, and Japan’s first condominium, the Miyamasuzaka Building, has been reborn as a symbol of this once-in-a-lifetime redevelopment.


Japan’s first residence with a direct connection to Shibuya Station’s Sky Deck
Part of the rebuilding project of Japan’s first condominium building
One-minute walk from Shibuya Station
Directly connected from the Sky Deck to Shibuya Stream, Shibuya Scramble Square, and Shibuya Fukurasu
Fifteen stories above ground and 128 units
in total


All details at Miyamasuzaka Building The Shibuya Residence have been considered to make a living space that is secure, comfortable, and beautiful.
24/7 management
Condominium staff are stationed every day, around the clock.
Inner corridor design
The common corridors feature an impressive design on all floors, offering hotel-like comfort and privacy.
Total security
Four layers of security: a windbreak room, an entrance hall, secured entrances on each elevator landing, and a dwelling unit entrance.
Incredible views
The 2.6m-high windows allow you to fully enjoy the scenery of the city and create an open living space with plenty of natural light.
“Invisible” air conditioner
Ceiling-embedded air conditioner in the living room makes for a minimalist aesthetic.
Floor heating
Hot-water floor heating keeps all rooms warm and cozy.
Trash disposal
Some garbage in the units can be crushed and washed down the drain—an eco-friendly solution.
Built-in dishwasher
Built-in dishwasher with easy-to-operate front panel helps reduce housework and saves water.

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  1. “First in Japan”: There have been no condominiums directly connected to Shibuya Station (including pedestrian decks or underground passageways) that were sold between January 1995 and April 15, 2018. (This is according to research conducted in May 2018 by Marketing Research Center Co., Ltd., and based on their condominium data from January 1995 to April 15, 2018.)
  2. The images of the CG renderings are based on the blueprints at the planning stage and are different from what the building actually looks like. There is equipment that the images do not show, such as rain gutters, air conditioner outdoor units, and water heaters. The plants and flowers do not illustrate a specific season or what the building will look like when condominium owners will move in.
  3. The fourth image in the slideshow is a computer-generated graphic based on a photograph taken in October 2018, facing west from the 11th floor of the site, and does not depict the actual view.